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Real Estate Law Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Real estate transactions happen every day. Perhaps you’ve noticed one of your neighbors listing their house for sale, or maybe you have your eyes on moving into a bigger home. Buying and selling property seems like a fairly straightforward process, especially when you consider all the professionals (such as a real estate agent, broker, or lender) who help complete the process.

At first thought it may not seem like there’s a reason to hire a real estate attorney. But Home Guides did some research and found that there are actually several benefits to hiring a real estate attorney before you buy or sell property.

Buyer's Attorney vs. Seller's Attorney

There are many legal aspects that affect buying and selling property. Both the buyer and the seller want to get the best deal that they can. At the same time, they both want to be protected throughout the process.

A buyer’s attorney will typically handle the following:

  • Check the sales contract to protect the buyer

  • Check the title or chain of ownership

  • Check for problems, liabilities, and/or liens

  • Verify all documents for the buying process

A seller’s attorney will typically handle the following:

  • Check the sale contract to protect the seller

  • Arrange for final payoffs on the existing loan

  • Prepare documents to complete the selling process

Especially in transactions where both the buyer and the seller have hired an attorney, all parties involved can be much more confident that they’re being protected throughout the process.

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The Benefits of A Real Estate Lawyer

Home Guides also listed a number of benefits to hiring a real estate lawyer before buying or selling property. Some of those benefits may include: 

  • Real estate attorneys can protect the buyer or seller from financial loss

  • Real estate attorneys can draft loan documents free of errors and according to local/state laws, minimizing any back and forth in the process

  • Lawyers can catch and account for small details, such as having a clause in the sales contract that protects the buyer in case of failed inspection

  • Sellers who hire a real estate attorney can have help handling any problems with the home’s title

  • A seller’s attorney will ensure that the seller’s interests are represented in the sales contract

  • A buyer’s attorney will ensure that the buyer’s interests are represented in the sales contract

Buying a home is often the most expensive purchase someone will make in their lifetime. An experienced lawyer will help the process stay on track while considering the best interests of their client, reducing the time, money, and letdown that occurs when something falls through due to carelessness.